A multimedia framework covering MPEG-4, VRML/X3D and SVG

GPAC is a multimedia framework for MPEG-4, VRML/X3D and SVG/SMIL.

GPAC is built upon an implementation of the MPEG-4 Systems standard
(ISO/IEC 14496-1) developed from scratch in C.

The main development goal is to provide a clean (a.k.a. readable by
as many people as possible), small and flexible alternative to the
MPEG-4 Systems reference software (known as IM1 and distributed in
ISO/IEC 14496-5).

The second development goal is to achieve integration of recent
multimedia standards (SVG/SMIL, VRML, X3D, SWF, etc) into a single
framework. This stage is still under drafting but GPAC already
supports most of VRML97, some X3D as well as very simple SVG.

GPAC already features 2D and 3D multimedia playback, MPEG-4 Systems
encoders/multiplexers and publishing tools for content distribution.

GPAC is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

The current GPAC release (0.4.5) already covers a very large part of
the MPEG-4 standard, and features what can probably be seen as the
most advanced and robust 2D MPEG-4 Player available worldwide, as
well as a decent 3D MPEG-4/VRML player.

Author: Jean Le Feuvre

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